Swimming to Łódź combines an engagement with swimming and a family history linked to Łódź. The large format screenprints are based on an image of me swimming in MOSiR Pool, Glowackiego Street. In addition to a four colour CMYK separation, a number are printed in just black or magenta or black and cyan. The images of Łódź doorways are printed in black with a colour wash. A number of the images have been incorporated into the accompanying video piece. To those who enjoy swimming, it is a sport which offers a moment of contemplation available wherever it is possible to find a pool. Once in the pool, the swimmer has few choices apart from swimming from one end to the other and returning - in the process becoming relaxed, tired or perhaps in better health. In 1900, my grandmother and her family travelled by train and boat from Łódź to the East End of London. At the time this was part of the largest migration the world had seen. 200,000 Polish, Lithuanian, Ukranian and Romanian Jews responded to poverty and persecution by migrating to the USA and UK. This history of migration continues to this day as we witness massive movements of people across the globe seeking refuge from poverty, climate change and war. And the migration from Łódź also continues with many Poles now living in the UK. However, like the swimmer in the pool it is necessary and possible to travel in both directions. 
With thanks to Clarice Zdanski who took the stills photography in the swimming pool and the video.
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